Sylvie loves other dogs and people (she’s a little weary of very tall men wearing hats) but we’ve never had an issue with Sylvie being leash reactive…until Covid. Please note: I am not a licensed dog trainer, however, I have been training my own dogs for over 20 years, competing in state wide obedience competitions

Hi Everyone! I usually don’t do commissions, but a special person asked me to draw a picture of their adorable corgi, Duchess. Check out the drawing and the steps it took to complete below! Love her cute corgi and photography?  You can also find her on Instagram @corgious_corgis.  Her human does the most amazing photographs

corgi playing in the water

The highlight of our trip to Pennsylvania was our day of hiking and exploring the local town in Ohiopyle State Park.  With over 20,000 acres of land, a large variety of habitats from rapids, to streams to mountains to meadows, there is a lot to see and explore here.  We narrowed our exploring to a

After visiting the beautiful New Germany State Park in western Maryland we drove 1 hour northwest past Ohiopyle to our camping destination.  On Part 3 of Sylvie Goes Camping we’ll be talking about Ohiopyle State Park, a rafting hotspot and a quaint town to explore. We really enjoyed staying in the cabins at Jellystone.  Even

New Germany State Park On our way to our first camping trip in Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania we stopped at New Germany State Park in Western Maryland.  Nestled in the Appalachian Plateau, featuring a small but stunning lake surrounded by evergreen trees, a plethora of hiking trails, and rich fall colors, it’s a must see!