Winter is coming and all that stands between you and the army of the dead is a corgi, Queen Sylvie of the Iron Throne, Direwolf in training, and she’s sleeping on the job.  With the impending war Queen Sylvie found it critical to stock up on toys and bones.  This has become a Game of

Welcome back everyone to our second installment of Nerdy Pets Art!  First of all, who is Mercy?  Mercy is a character from the game Overwatch by Blizzard.  As a nerdy pet parent I love Overwatch so naturally I wanted to draw Sylvie in one of my favorite Overwatch characters, Mercy!  I call this piece “Will Rez

For my first installment of Nerdy Pets I decided to draw my dog in Sylvanas armor from World of Warcraft.  For reference please see Sylvie’s post about how she got her name: *coming soon* This is Sylvie’s first cosplay art!  What is cosplay?  Cosplay is when you dress up like a character from a movie,