Wally is an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler Mix and they wanted their dog in place of the corgi in my “Let’s Go Camping” sticker.  I don’t often do commissions because I’m so busy outside of summer but this was a fun one and I like the challenge of cartooning other types of dogs. I started with

Set-up for time-lapse videos

This set-up is the definition of “make it work.”  I don’t have much to work with but I do have a GoPro, some twine, a desk and chair, and art supplies.  I do also use a computer to process my videos.  Here is a list of my supplies (minus the twine, desk, chair and lamp

Hi Everyone! I usually don’t do commissions, but a special person asked me to draw a picture of their adorable corgi, Duchess. Check out the drawing and the steps it took to complete below! Love her cute corgi and photography?  You can also find her on Instagram @corgious_corgis.  Her human does the most amazing photographs

Winter is coming and all that stands between you and the army of the dead is a corgi, Queen Sylvie of the Iron Throne, Direwolf in training, and she’s sleeping on the job.  With the impending war Queen Sylvie found it critical to stock up on toys and bones.  This has become a Game of

Welcome back everyone to our second installment of Nerdy Pets Art!  First of all, who is Mercy?  Mercy is a character from the game Overwatch by Blizzard.  As a nerdy pet parent I love Overwatch so naturally I wanted to draw Sylvie in one of my favorite Overwatch characters, Mercy!  I call this piece “Will Rez