Sylvie loves other dogs and people (she’s a little weary of very tall men wearing hats) but we’ve never had an issue with Sylvie being leash reactive…until Covid. Please note: I am not a licensed dog trainer, however, I have been training my own dogs for over 20 years, competing in state wide obedience competitions

What’s your favorite food or treat?  Personally, as a human, I love pizza, ice cream, grilled cheese and sweet potato fries.  Unfortunately, because of my 3 autoimmune diseases and severe lactose intolerance I can’t eat them the same way I used to but I found some awesome new products!  Daiya pizza, Nada Moo ice cream,

Sylvie has been battling bladder issues for over 5 years.  So far she’s gone through 2 surgeries, at least 4 UTIs, multiple ultrasounds, countless blood tests and had to do endure constant food experimentation until we finally found a solution.  She would squat constantly on walks trying to pee and it was growing more and

Imagine your favorite waterfall experience.  Maybe it was the first time you saw a waterfall?  Perhaps it is a waterfall you’ve been to more than once?  Or maybe you even have a waterfall in your backyard?  Whatever your favorite waterfall experience is, why do you love it so much?  Did you get to stand on

corgi playing in the water

The highlight of our trip to Pennsylvania was our day of hiking and exploring the local town in Ohiopyle State Park.  With over 20,000 acres of land, a large variety of habitats from rapids, to streams to mountains to meadows, there is a lot to see and explore here.  We narrowed our exploring to a