(Pictured above: Sylvie with her Dad)

Welcome to The Family Corgi, thanks for stopping by where we’re short in stature but big in heart and personality!  If you have a soft spot for corgis like we do we hope you’ll enjoy exploring the website.  Below is an interview style question and answer section where you can learn more about the star of the show, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi Sylvie and her human parents.

Sylvie the Corgi:

When’s my birthday? July 29th 2016

Is my name short for something?  Sylvie is short for Sylvanas from the game World of Warcraft (my husband and I are gaming nerds, can you tell?).  For the Alliance!

Favorite dog treat: Himalayan Yak Chews, Wet Nose Apple and Ginger, duck sausages

Favorite human treat: popcorn, apples, peanut butter and vanilla ice cream

Favorite toy: spiky, squeaky pink ball, we literally can’t be without one in the house

Favorite spot in the home: Sitting on the arm chair staring out the window

Favorite game: fetch, fetch and more fetch

Do I like to chase squirrels? ummm, duh?

Do I have any health issues?  Environmental allergies and chronic inflammation that affects my bladder causing bladder stones and UTIs (currently managed with prescription diet).

Kelly (Dog Mom):

How old am I? 37

What do I do? I teach 5th grade science and I currently hold a masters degree in teaching/elementary education

Where was I born? Washington State

Favorite food: sweet potato fries, gluten free/dairy free grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup, and dairy free ice cream (Sylvie also likes ice cream!)

Have I had corgis in the past? Sylvie is my third corgi.  One of my previous corgis, Abby, was my 4-H dog through high school.  She had a fellow corgi companion, Max.  Corgis are the best!

What other dogs have I parented? My childhood dog was a yellow lab, I’ve had a Schipperke (pronounced skipper-key) named Jack and one of my favorite dogs was my Australian shepherd, Fuzzy (can I have favorites?)

How did I meet my husband?  Online gaming (World of Warcraft).  We lived on opposite coasts when we met and I now reside in Maryland.

Do I have any health issues?  Ironically I also have chronic inflammation in the form of multiple auto-immune diseases (Ankylosing Spondylitis, Crohn’s Disease, Psoriasis and severe eczema (not classified as an auto-immune disease)).  Sylvie has helped me get through a lot of hard times and she (and my husband, family and friends) have helped me set my sights on the future.  It is bright indeed.

Favorite quote? I have more than one but this one has helped me so much recently.  “At the end of the day we can endure much more than we think we can” ~ Frida Kahlo.  This has been the hymn for my soul over the last year.

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