What’s your favorite food or treat?  Personally, as a human, I love pizza, ice cream, grilled cheese and sweet potato fries.  Unfortunately, because of my 3 autoimmune diseases and severe lactose intolerance I can’t eat them the same way I used to but I found some awesome new products!  Daiya pizza, Nada Moo ice cream, Canyon Bakehoues GF bread and Miyoko’s butter.  We had to go through some similar struggles with Sylvie and finding her the right food.

Now that she is on a prescription diet for chronic bladder stones and UTIs we also had to switch her treats to lower protein treats.

Here are some of Sylvie’s favorite treats, including fresh fruits and veggies! (Scroll down to see the list).

Dry treats:

Wet Nose Apple and Ginger

Natural Balance Belly Bites (Duck and Legume and Salmon)

Science Diet Soft Baked Treats for urinary health (not pictured)

Himalayan Yak chew (once and a while treat only)

Fresh treats:

Peanut butter in a Kong (once and a while treat only)


Green peppers, apples, carrots, and snap peas