My first time-lapse art video showing me drawing Sylvie and her best friend Eevee in costumes (scroll down for the video).


Sylvie got her name from Sylvanas from World of Warcraft so I drew her wearing a Murloc costume (also from World of Warcraft).

I have drawn her in Sylvanas armor. Check out the art tab to see it.  Eevee got her name from the pokemon Eevee.

Time-Lapse Art Video:

The video is 3 minutes long and is sped up to 24x.  The original art is all hand-drawn with no tracing and took about 2.5 hours to complete from start to finish (including rough sketches).  All of my art starts with a concept and a very rough sketch, followed by redrawing the art in photo blue pencil and then lightly traced in pencil.  Next I trace my pencil lines in ink and then fill in with colored pencil.  I don’t redo the artwork for minor mistakes since that is part of the process!

Thanks for watching!  Check my other posts for more time-lapse videos, other art projects and information on my set up and supplies!

Stay Strong and Corgi On!