Sylvie’s Review: 5/5 paws!

This park deserves more than 5 paws, it is our favorite park we have found in Maryland!   Here are some of the dog-friendly amenities:

Visit Comwell Valley Park’s website:

Helpful park information:

Park Highlights

  • A Lime Kiln is used to process lime by burning it with wood
  • It can take anywhere form 9-12 days
  • The lime was transported by mule cart
  • Lime was used in construction
  • Read more about the kilns here:



(There are no wild corgis at Cromwell, except maybe this one from time to time)

  • Birding is very popular here, bring your binoculars
  • Bluebird boxes throughout the park
  • Willowgrove Nature Center has a lot of native animals on display, including the venomous Copperhead!
  • The above picture was taken on the Birder’s Path Trail, part of which is wheelchair accessible (look for white stone path)


Did we mention that Cromwell has an amazing stream that runs through it?  Minebank Run is shallow and great for kids and dogs.  Access the stream at many locations along the Minebank Run Trail, only a few hundred feet from the parking lot!

And as always, Happy Trails!