Hi Everyone!

I usually don’t do commissions, but a special person asked me to draw a picture of their adorable corgi, Duchess.

Check out the drawing and the steps it took to complete below!

Love her cute corgi and photography?  You can also find her on Instagram @corgious_corgis.  Her human does the most amazing photographs and even does photography commissions!  You can find her at Kat’s Photography on Facebook.

(All of the following artwork belongs to @corgious_corgis after the artwork was purchased from @thefamilycorgi).

I spoke to Duchess’s owner what she wanted from the picture and she wanted her to look like the princess she is.  Here is how the image started (the flower crown I drew came before the image above was taken!).

I started with pencil and put Duchess on a pillow.  I added some color to give the owner a better idea of what it would look like and experimented with a couple flowers.

We decided to X the pillow.  This princess needs coffee, not a pillow!  But what to put on the coffee cup?  It was inspired by Starbucks, the owners favorite coffee.

I redrew the picture on a fresh piece of paper and this is the image before color was added with prismacolor colored pencil.

I noticed in pictures that Duchess wore a collar with pineapples ? on it and so I added it to the final image as a surprise to Duchess’s owner!

I really enjoyed this commission and look forward to drawing more in the future!