Winter is coming and all that stands between you and the army of the dead is a corgi, Queen Sylvie of the Iron Throne, Direwolf in training, and she’s sleeping on the job.  With the impending war Queen Sylvie found it critical to stock up on toys and bones.  This has become a Game of Bones and who will come out on top?

This is my third installment of Nerdy Pets Art and I want to show you how the art came together step by step.  *Stay tuned for a post on the art supplies I use!*

Notice some of my favorite features: the Stark banner with the Direwolf, the Direwolf dog bowl and the corgi crown!

*Disclaimer* All images of the art were taken with a camera, so there might be some slight color distortion but it looks very similar to the original!  Also, this is all drawn freehand (no tracing) and no rulers and was completed with pen, colored pencil and graphite pencil.

Step 1: Think of an Idea

Being a huge Game of Thrones fan I wanted to draw Sylvie somewhere in GoT, but where?  One of the most iconic images of the GoT series is the Iron Throne itself and what’s cuter than a sleeping corgi with a crown?!

Step 2: Draw Rough Idea Sketches

Rough is right, these aren’t meant to be pretty, just to get some ideas flowing quickly to see what direction to take with the actual piece.

Step 3: Non-Photo Blue Pencil Sketch

Okay this is going to be really hard to see but non-photo blue pencils are meant to go on the paper light so that you can easily erase it or draw over it and not notice the blue.  Squint hard, do you see it?!  For more information on non-photo blue pencils see my blog post on my art supplies: (coming soon)

Step 4: Light Pencil Sketch

Drawing over the non-photo blue pencil sketch I use a very light graphite pencil (H or HB) to draw the outline.  That way, I can easily make changes without creasing the paper with hard pressed lines.  (Sorry, this image didn’t come out the best!).

Step 5: Outline in Pen

This is the most nerve-wracking part because once you put that pen on the paper you can’t undo it!  And yes I made a couple mistakes, I just try to hide them with other lines and color.  Here are two images with the drawing partly done in pen and then fully done.

You might also notice that I decided to add some lettering at the bottom and create a unique name for the piece!

Step 6: Color in with Colored Pencil 

I love this part!  It’s like coloring in a coloring book but you created the coloring page!  I always try my colored pencils on a different piece of paper to make sure I’m using the color I want.  I also find that blending certain colors to make them smooth can be very tricky.  By layering colors and using a white colored pencil (there is also a colorless blender pencil I need to get!) you can create a smoother color finish.

Step 7: Finish with Graphite Pencil (if desired)

This is the first time I mixed colored pencil and graphite and I think it turned out nice!  I didn’t want to use color on the Iron Throne because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to achieve the textures on the swords and coloring it would drown out Sylvie the corgi and Stark banner.  Making these artistic choices can be just as challenging as putting that pen on the paper because it’s hard to go back.  You just need to trust your instincts and love the result no matter what!  I think Sylvie is happy with her new Queen of the Iron Throne status!