Welcome back everyone to our second installment of Nerdy Pets Art!  First of all, who is Mercy?  Mercy is a character from the game Overwatch by Blizzard.  As a nerdy pet parent I love Overwatch so naturally I wanted to draw Sylvie in one of my favorite Overwatch characters, Mercy!  I call this piece “Will Rez for Treats.”  Uhh what does “rez” mean?  Well, rez is short for resurrect, which is an ability that Mercy uses to bring back dead team mates (also a touchy topic in the Overwatch gaming community!).

Cartoon Sylvie is wearing the Mercy Cobalt skin from the game.  As a reference I have included a picture of the Mercy statue I own so you can see who Mercy is!

Once again I started with a rough concept drawing on the lined paper.  I drew the picture larger on art paper (more on these steps in my third installment of Nerdy Pets Art), outlined in pen and then finished with colored pencil.