This was our first experience taking Sylvie to a hotel.  In fact, this our first time taking a dog to a hotel ever!  Needless to say we learned a lot about what to do and not do next time we travel and have to stay in a hotel.  See below for the 6 hotel travel tips for you and your pup.

 1.  Call and confirm dogs are allowed and confirm the pet fee

When we chose our hotel we saw on their website that they allowed dogs, however, there was no mention of the fee.  We called to make sure dogs were indeed allowed, however, after speaking to the rep there was no mention of the cost and we didn’t clearly ask.  BIG MISTAKE!  Always ask beforehand what the pet fee is!  Some hotels may have day to day costs, however, Residence Inns charge you a flat rate for your dog (or at least the one we stayed at).  The cost was $125 whether you were staying one night or one month!  We were staying two nights and didn’t know about this extra fee until we arrived, needless to say it was a shocker.

*We assumed the fee was included in our hotel rental cost since we selected a pet friendly room and no pet fee was mentioned on the website or during our hotel room reservation*

2.  Consider the floor you’re on

This is another thing we didn’t consider, requesting a specific floor.  We ended up on the second floor and in hindsight, the bottom floor would have been better.  Fortunately, Sylvie is used to stairs and the elevator but if you have an older dog or a dog that doesn’t like to use the stairs or elevator, requesting a bottom floor before you arrive would help.  Plus, if your dog has a lot of energy and runs around on the floor you won’t disturb your neighbors.

3.  Research nearby vets

I do this no matter where we are going and how long we are staying.  If there is an emergency I want to know where I can take Sylvie without worrying about trying to fumble through google maps trying to find a vet.  Having a list of local vets (normal and emergency) and your current vet information will help during the heat of the moment if an emergency happens.

4.  Bring the right doggy supplies

Here is a list of what we like to bring…

  1. Travel crate, bed and a blanket
  2. Favorite toys and chews
  3. The correct amount of food for the days we are staying, food dish, water bowl, a small bag of treats and medication
  4. Extra poop bags and extra leash
  5. Dog carpet cleaner (we use Nature’s Miracle) in case of accidents

Our standard supply bag pictured below

5. Once you arrive ask if they have pet stations and where to take your dog to the bathroom

Once the initial shock of the price wore off we should have asked another important question…where do we take our dog to go pee?  We didn’t end up asking and hunted around for it, finally finding the area with pet station.  It was nice they offered bags and a pet station, however, the grass area was very small.  This is another question you can ask over the phone: do you have pet stations and an outdoor pet area?

We learned a lot from this experience, can you tell? Haha!  Okay continuing on…

6.  Plan to stay with your dog for awhile upon arrival

Sylvie is usually really good about being left alone.  There are times when she’s struggled being left in new places, but what dog doesn’t?  We had plans after we checked in and were hoping to leave Sylvie for a few hours while we went out but she had other ideas.  After dropping our stuff in the room we left less than 10 minutes later.  I closed the door and immediately heard the most pitiful, sad crying coming from the room.  I waited a few minutes seeing if she would be okay and she wasn’t.  I didn’t want to abandon her (that’s how it felt) and subject my neighbors to her crying and possible barking so I stayed behind while everyone else went out.

*Plan to stay with your dog for an hour or two so they know this is a temporary home and you are coming back!*

We left her the next day and she was totally fine!  Leave the TV or radio on as a distraction, especially if you already do this at home (like we do).

After our experience we’ll make different choices the next time we stay in a hotel with a dog.  We hope our experience will make your travels with your furry friend the best it can be!  If you have any tips please let us know in the comments!

Happy Trails