Advice for using a car seat belt for your dog and product reviews below!

With the holidays right around the corner a lot of us will be bringing our dogs along for travels.  When we hop into our car we make sure everyone, including us, has their seat belts on before hitting the road.  Well, why shouldn’t our canine companions wear seat belts too?  In the past I have always had my dogs sitting in the back seat without seat belts.  One of my dogs was a huge Australian Shepherd and he loved car rides but he loved the destination more and I would spend most of the car ride shoving him back into the back seat as he panted and drooled all over the center console, sometimes trying to climb into the front.  Not only was I wrangling him I also had a slightly more nervous Schipperke also trying to clamber into the front seat.  I’ve also had my past corgis ride in the passenger seat next to me without a seat belt.

With all of these canine car riding experiences under my belt I decided it was time to get a car seat belt for Sylvanas once we got her.  Before we even brought her home I had purchased a car seat cover for the back seat that came along with a dog harness and seat belt.  Currently, I only use the seat belt and, of course, the car seat cover, which we’ll also talk about.  First, the seat belt.  Why clip your dog into a seat belt?  Well if my previous examples weren’t enough to persuade you, just think about how dangerous it is to have your dog climbing all over you in the car, distracting you while your driving, bumping your arm that’s holding the steering wheel and blocking your sight through your windows.  Not only that, but what if a car accident did happen and your furry friend wasn’t buckled in?  We buckle our pets in for the same reason we buckle ourselves in, to help keep them safe during a car accident and to help keep us safe while we’re driving.

What product do I use?

Plush Paw Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover + 2 harnesses and seat belts:

The car seat cover is great.  I wish it covered a bit more of the side of the car where Sylvie likes to lie down next to the door, but otherwise a 5/5!  There are openings for the seat belts to poke through in the seat and the straps stay tight behind the head rest.  I haven’t used it where it latches up to the front seats to create a hammock.

The seat belt clips are great, you can adjust the length of the seat belt (mine is currently set at the shortest length).  From this length Sylvie can almost get to the floor of the car, so I do wish the seat belt was a bit shorter but it works out.  Seat belts should ALWAYS be attached to a harness, NEVER a collar, choke chain or anything around the neck.

Seat Belt Tips…

  • Use treats or toys to encourage your dog to get used to riding in the car, especially in the back seat
  • Clip the dog seat belt onto your dog’s everyday harness so you don’t have to switch out harness like Sylvie is in the picture above (Make sure your dogs harness is snug.  There are harnesses designed for car travel that you can find in the link below)
  • Use a toy or favorite blanket to make your dog comfortable.  You can also use a towel (like we do) or a thin dog bed

Here are some other seat belt brands and options to explore!

  • Attaches to the seat belt and doesn’t clip in offering more options (also can be bought on amazon, second link):

  • Kurgo Brand Seat Belt Clip-in Only:

There are other brands and options out there!  I like to read reviews before purchasing a product but if you’re looking for a combo set what I purchased above is great!

Wishing you, your family and your pet(s) safe car travels this holiday season!