Corgi puppies (and any puppies for that matter!) are irresistible.  Everyone loves puppies for their fuzzy, soft coat, floppy bodies, cute antics and overall adorableness.  When my husband and I were thinking through getting a dog we had narrowed it down to a few breeds.  Since we live in an apartment, the type of dog we chose was really important.  I also grew up with dogs, having parented dogs from corgis to Australian shepherds so I already had an idea about the type of dog I wanted to get for our first family dog.  Incoming adorable corgi puppy photo of Sylvie!…

Pembroke welsh corgis have always been one of my favorites.  If you’ve ever had a corgi yourself or met a corgi, you’d know why they’re such a great breed of dog.  Not only are they incredibly smart, easy to train, love to be outside and go on adventures, great with people and kids, they’re just silly and goofy dogs.  Those short legs, satellite ears, stubby tail and fluffy bum are hard to resist.  But there is more to a dog than just how cute they are, it’s important to do some breed research ahead of time.

Here are some important lifestyle questions to ask before bringing home a puppy:

What do I like to do on a day to day basis for fun?  Do I like to stay home in the evenings?  Do I like to go out on the town on the weekends?  Do I like to or hope to travel?  Do I have long work hours?  Can I afford a dog?  Does my dog need to get along with other pets?  If I don’t have kids do I hope to have kids while I am a dog parent?

For me, my husband and I are gamers, we play video games as a hobby and that’s even how we met!  We also love to be outside, go hiking and camping, and visit family and friends.  Watching our favorite TV shows and movies is also part of our lifestyle.  When we were considering a dog to get we were hoping for a dog that could be active but was also okay vegging out.  It was also important to have a dog that only needed long walks around the neighborhood because that’s all we are able to do during the week after work.  We also wanted a smaller dog that could travel with us in the car.  Getting along with children was important because we have young family members.  Lastly, personality.  We wanted a smart, loving, charismatic dog that at least one of us understood (and I’ve had corgis before!).

With those things in mind we chose a corgi.  But what if you aren’t 100% about all the dog breeds out there?  Or you found a great mix at the shelter and want to learn a bit more about the dogs that it might be?  The American Kennel Club is a resource for learning more about specific dog breeds:  This is also a great place to start to do your research on responsible, registered breeders if you are searching for a purebred dog.  Shelter dogs are great dogs too!

If you have your heart set on a corgi like us, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of American is also a great resource, with more information on the breed, responsible, quality breeders and corgi rescues.  Groups like East Coast Corgi Rescue also have Facebook pages:

Regardless of the dog you choose the most important part is that you give the dog a loving, caring, furever home (cliché I know but I couldn’t resist!).

The Family Corgi